ONE Ingredient ALL Natural Sorbet

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The next time the ice cream man comes by on a hot summer afternoon while the kids are playing outside, you won’t need to feel bad about not having any cash on hand or not wanting your kids to consume all that sugar before bed time.  They won’t even notice the music passing by if they are busy eating this fruit sorbet.  It is something they will love but also something you can feel good about serving (and saving some for yourself!).  How is that you may ask?  It’s simple:

It is made with only one ingredient.  And that ingredient is fruit.


From Fruit to Sorbet

The recipe I am sharing is made with watermelon.  Watermelon is a great fruit for making sorbet due to its large amount of water content.  But it is also great because making sorbet with watermelon requires no added sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and there is a big misconception that watermelon is just water and natural sugar, but that is not true.  There are a lot of health benefits associated with watermelon, so let’s first go through a few of those:

watermelon sorbet

5 Health Benefits of Watermelon

  • Better skin and hair – Watermelon is high in Vitamin A, which is required for the growth of bodily tissues, including skin and hair.  It also contains Vitamin C, wwatermelonwhich helps your body produce collagen to keep skin supple and hair strong.  So if you want smooth skin and long healthy hair, eating watermelon could be a delicious way to help you get there.
  • Hydration – There is a benefit of watermelon being mostly water.  At 92% H2O, eating the fruit can help keep you hydrated.  And it even has electrolytes to help replenish those lost from sweat.  This is really helpful for small children who are playing on hot summer days, and may not want to stop for the water you keep offering them.  Eating watermelon is something they will enjoy, and can keep them safe too.
  • Cancer Prevention – Watermelon contains a lot of the compound lycopene.  In fact it is said to possibly have more than any other fruit or vegetable.  Intake of lycopene has been linked with a lower risk of some types of cancer, especially those of the digestive system.  Watermelon also contains cucurbitacin E which has been said to inhibit tumor growth.
  • Heart Health – Did you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death worldwide?  Watermelon can help prevent that!  The same lypocene that helps prevent cancer has been shown to help lower cholesterol and blood pressure.  Other vitamins, minerals, and amino acids present in watermelon have been proven to be good for the heart as well.
  • Improve Digestion – We all know by now watermelon is high in water content.  It also has a small amount of dietary fiber.  This combination is ideal to help keep your digestive tract healthy.  The water keeps it moving efficiently and the fiber provides bulk.  Good digestion is important for avoiding bloating, and aiding in weight loss.

Making Sorbet With Watermelon

You have seen some of the great benefits watermelon can provide to you and your family, and once you see how easy this sorbet is to make, you will have no reason not to try it.  All you need is a watermelon, a freezer, and a food processor.  Cut the watermelon into bite sized pieces, and place in the freezer on a cookie sheet for two hours.  This allows the watermelon to freeze, but not completely, so you can still easily blend it.  After two hours remove and puree in a food processor.  Usually I say that a blender will work just as well as a food processor, but that is not the case for this dish.  I tried in my blender and it was not able to blend the frozen fruit like I needed.  The Ninja Express Chopper is a great and affordable option for, and is a great food processor to start with!  It is the one I have!  Finally, scoop all sorbet into the dish you plan to serve it in (glass pans work well and look pretty), and then put in the freezer for a couple more hours until it is scoopable.

Note:  If you leave the sorbet in the freezer for an extended period of time (i.e. overnight), it will not be scoopable right when you take it out.  It will be too solid.  If you making ahead and serving another day, just take it out of the freezer about 30 minutes  before you want to serve it so it has a chance to soften.

Three Reasons You Need to Try This Recipe

  1. It is healthier – feel good about serving this snack or dessert to your kids, or eating yourself!  It is only fruit, and has no added sugar or fat.  It is a low calorie, guilt-free treat that tastes as good as any store-bought sorbet!
  2. It is cheaper – All you need is a watermelon, and you can serve a group of kids dessert.  That will only cost you a few dollars.  If you take them to an ice cream shop, you will spend the same amount on each of them.
  3. It is easier, and more fun! – Getting kids to behave in an ice cream shop, or walk quietly through the grocery store while you pick it up, can be a really hard task.   With this recipe you don’t need to leave the comfort of home!  Which means you don’t need to interrupt playtime and drag them to the store with you.  Plus, you could include your kids in the process of making the sorbet, which can help create fun family memories you may have missed out on if you just bought it instead.

If buying and cutting an entire watermelon scares you (like it does me)  get one of these watermelon slicers, I would be lost without mine!

watermelon slicer

One Ingredient Watermelon Sorbet


  • 1 large watermelon


  1. Cut watermelon into bite sized pieces.
  2. Place on a cookie sheet, and place in freezer for 2 hours, until frozen.
  3. Puree frozen fruit in a food processor until smooth.
  4. Put sorbet in a serving dish that you plan to serve in, and put back in the freezer for about an hour, or until scoopable.
  5. Serve immediately after taking out of freezer
  6. OR: if the sorbet has been in the freezer overnight, take out about 30 minutes before you plan to serve so it has a chance to soften.


watermelon sorbet

If this doesn’t sound like the perfect ending to a warm summer day, I don’t know what does!  So light and refreshing, it is the perfect treat to satisfy that sweet tooth without undoing your whole day’s work of eating healthy.  It is great to have a dessert you can actually feel good about eating!  Try it today.

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