Iced Matcha Latte

It is summertime and the living is easy.  However it is also HOT if you are here in Atlanta, or probably most anywhere else.  So when you need your caffeine fix sometimes you don’t want to reach to that hot cup of coffee, right?  I know I’ve been having that problem lately.  Or maybe you just aren’t a coffee drinker at all.  Or you are trying to cut back.  Well luckily there is a great option to solve ALL of these problems – matcha!  Matcha is also great hot – but can be made into a great iced matcha tea, or matcha latte.  Iced matcha lattes are my fave summer morning drink, so that is what I am sharing here today!

iced matcha latte

Are you new to matcha?  Not sure what all the hype is about?  Well let me explain:


Matcha is a finely ground powder made out of green tea leaves.  To drink matcha all you do is take a scoop and add it to the liquid of your choice.  Hot water will get you a matcha tea, cold water can make iced tea, or even pick your favorite milk and make a hot or iced latte (like this recipe here!)  The matcha difference is that you are drinking the actual leaves, whereas in traditional green tea the leaves just get infused with the water and then discarded.  Why does this matter?  Because it means this tea provides SO many more health benefits and is so much more powerful than your traditional cup of tea.  Matcha tea has 137 times more antioxidants than green tea brewed regularly, and you’d have to drink ten cups of normal green tea to get the nutritional content you get from only one cup of matcha.  The benefits matcha can provide into your diet are incredible:

  • boosts metabolism and burns calories
  • detoxifies the digestive system
  • Helps lower both cholesterol and blood sugar
  • Can enhance mood, promote better concentration, calm the mind and relax the body
  • It is rich in fiber, chlorophyll, vitamin C and many other vitamins

The best part?  It’s not only for drinks!  You can add it to just about anything from smoothies, to yogurt,  even baked goods.  I like adding matcha to my morning yogurt bowls or my banana pancakes for an added kick of nutrients.


This recipe is made with cashew milk because quite honestly I am obsessed with it.  But you can really make this recipe with any type of milk you like or have on hand!  Any dairy free option will work if that is something you follow in your diet, but there are lots of great choices out there.  I’ve also used Ripple pea milk and that was really good too.  Check out my post on my thoughts on the best milk options and pick the one that speaks to you!

Which Matcha?

When I decided to look into matcha brands I felt flooded with (expensive) options.  I know you get what you pay for but I was nervous to spend a lot of money and maybe not like it!  I found Matcha DNA (you can get it on Amazon – check it out here!) and am really happy with it.  It is certified organic, has BPA free packaging, no additives, and is certified gluten free and vegan friendly. On top of all that, you can get a decent amount of it without breaking the bank – a 12oz bag is under $15!  If you are willing to spend a little more, I have heard amazing things about Jade Leaf.  But again, there are a lot of options out there so just look around a little bit and see which one sounds best to you and fits your budget!

Iced Matcha Latte


  • 1.5 cups cashew milk (I use Silk)
  • 1 scoop matcha
  • Optional: sweetener of choice
  • Optional (but recommended!): dash of ginger and/or cinnamon
  • ice cubes


  1. Pour matcha in your cup (I find adding the liquid to the matcha helps it mix better than the other way around)
  2. Add your milk, stir until combined.
    1. OR – my new preferred method is to add all of your ingredients into a cocktail shaker with a few cubes of ice, shake really hard a few times, and then pour into your cup – I think this combines everything best!
  3. Add your sweetener (optional)
  4. Add ice cubes and enjoy!

Note: you can also add one cup of cashew milk and 1/2-1 cup of water if you want it to be a little thinner and want to avoid a few extra calories first thing in the morning.  I do it this way sometimes and it is just as yummy!


What is your favorite way to use matcha??  And what brand is your favorite?  I’d love to get recommendations of others to try!

iced matcha latte

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