Simple DIY Cake Frosting

Frosting has always been my favorite part of any cake, cupcake, or dessert.  As little girls, my sister and I would always split a piece of cake.  She’d get the cake, and I’d get the frosting.  It was a perfect little system we had going.  Now that I am older, I eat the actual cake too, but frosting will always be the best part.

healthy frosting recipe

Why Frosting is Bad

The problem with frosting is that it is high in sugar ( is basically all sugar!) and has no nutritional value.  Then you get into your buttercream and cream cheese varieties and the fat content starts to shoot up too.  There is no protein or value-adding calories in frosting, so you could eat it all day without getting full while racking up thousands of calories before you realize it.  So we needed to come up with a way that you could indulge in your favorite sweet treat, while keeping the fat and calories in check.

Why DWBH’s Frosting is Better

This frosting recipe only uses a few ingredients, so it is simple to make.  And mostly every ingredient contains zero fat and is low sugar.  The only fat comes from the whipped topping, but even for that we utilize a light version.  Using milk in this recipe means this icing provides a source of protein.  Although it might not be a huge portion, that is more than most frostings can say.  Top it off with a few dashes of cinnamon for some extra flavor, and some antioxidants and vitamins.  This frosting is starting to sound pretty good isn’t it!?

healthy frosting recipeThe whipped topping helps this frosting go a long way.  I made a two layered cake and frosted the entire thing with still about a fourth of the mix leftover.  I never liked whipped cream frosting as a kid, so I wasn’t sure about this.  But mixing it with the pudding and other ingredients really gives it a better texture and taste, making it seem like an indulgent frosting rather than just whipped cream, while still being light and not overpowering.

The best part of having some leftover is you get to experiment dipping all your favorite snacks in it!  My favorite was my chocolate animal crackers.  So good. Or even just by itself on a spoon is pretty delicious too.  Let me know what you dip this in and enjoy it with!

This recipe works perfectly as the finishing touch on the Skinny-ish Funfetti Cake, but it also works well with any other cake.  Mix in some fruits, chocolate chips, or nuts to customize it to whatever cake you are making!  It is sure to be a family favorite in no time.  And is one you can feel good about.

DIY Healthy Cake Frosting


  • Sugar Free/Fat Free Vanilla Instant pudding
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 (8oz) package of light whipped topping
  • 3 dashes of cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 cup water


  1. In a large bowl combine the pudding mix, milk, water, and vanilla.  Stir until mixed
  2. Add in the whipped topping


Inspired by Life in the Lofthouse

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