NO BAKE Energy Balls

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figgy popsI have always been intrigued by energy ball recipes I have seen on the internet but never pulled the trigger on making my own.

But then one day a friend of mine left some Made In Nature Figgy Pop Supersnacks at my house, and the next day I noticed half the bag (of both flavors) were already gone!  I munched on them all day they were so good.  But I knew they were surely an expensive snacking habit to get into.  And these were something I could easily make.  The best part is that if I made them myself, I would be able to know exactly what went into them, and be able to tailor the flavors to my personal preference so that I’d enjoy them even more.  So that convinced me that I should give in and finally give it a go on making these at home.

And it was magical.

energy balls

What is Energy?

No I am not about to spew a long scientific definition on what creates and maintains energy.  I ask what energy is because I want to see if anyone out there can remember.  Because I struggle to.  I think of it as that fond friend I had in childhood where I would run around all day, skip nap-time, and then ask to stay up all night.  Man now I would kill for a nap-time in the middle of my work day.  Can I chat to someone in HR about that..?  My point being, I think we could all use some more energy in our lives.  And why not get that through a delicious snack??

How do these give you energy?  First of all they are filled with high and low glycemic index (GI) carbohydrates.  High GI carbs are best thought of as the strongest, most immediate, fuel.  Our bodies easily absorb the glucose and we experience a spike in blood sugar – which is good for after activity (but for someone living a more sedentary lifestyle, too much consumption of high GI carbs can have weight gain consequences).  But we keep these to a minimum.  The dried fruits, including the gogi berries and dates are higher on the glycemic index for this purpose.  Low GI foods mean that the glucose is absorbed into the bloodstream more slowly, giving us a small amount of glucose over an extended period of time.  This keeps up our energy levels overtime by maintaining our blood glucose level (rather than just an initial spike).  The oats, which are the base of this snack, are lower on the glycemic index.  Lastly, we have moderate GI carbs, like honey, that lie somewhere in between in order to provide you with the entire range and optimal energy.

Then we include fats through the almond butter.  But the fats found in almond butter are unsaturated fats, the healthy kind.  Not only do these fats help sustain energy, they help improve your blood cholesterol and combat cardiovascular diseases.  The vitamin E and Magnesium found in almond butter also help both produce and store energy.

Lastly, the superseed blend.  A combination of flax, chia, and hemp seeds, this mixture provides complete proteins, calcium, and cancer prevention.  These may be indirectly associated to energy, but they are benefits I surely won’t complain about!

nutiva superseed blend

No Baking, No Excuses

This recipe is SO easy.  Literally all you need to do is mix some ingredients together.  With your HANDS.  You don’t even need a blender or food processor.  So you do not have to be a master chef in order to wow your friends with this homemade treat. So pick the flavor below that speaks to your taste buds (or try both!) get the ingredients, and get to mixing.

energy balls

NO BAKE Energy Balls


energy ballsAlmond Joy

Berry Delight


  1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix until thoroughly combined.
  2. Using your hands, form small balls (I formed 12 balls from each batch) and place on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.
  3. Place in fridge (about 30 minutes minimum) to harden.

Tip:  If you place bowl with mixture in fridge BEFORE forming balls, it makes the formation process a little easier (and a little less sticky)


energy balls

Now that you’ve got all this energy, what are you going to do with the rest of your day??

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