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Easy Ginger Pomegranate Cocktail

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Gluten Free, Vegan

The holidays just got a whole lot brighter thanks to this easy ginger pomegranate cocktail. It’s festive, refreshing, made with only 4 ingredients, and is a low sugar cocktail.  Plus it is made with real pomegranate juice so it is basically a health food 😉


  • ~4 oz diet ginger beer
  • 1 shot (1.5 oz) tequila or gin
  • splash of pomegranate juice
  • splash of lime juice


  1. Fill your glass all the way with ice.
  2. Pour the diet ginger beer about 2/3 of the way full.
  3. Then add the shot of tequila or gin.
  4. Top with a splash of lime juice and pomegranate juice to taste.
  5. Enjoy!