ambrosia salad

Classic Ambrosia Salad

This classic ambrosia salad is made with Cool Whip, fruit, and marshmallows for a tasty dessert, perfect for a party! Enjoy this deliciously creamy fruit salad for a simple sweet […]


Easy Brownies from Scratch

Grab your apron, roll up your sleeves, and put those unused chocolate chips to good use in our highly requested made-from-scratch Chocolate Brownies. Oh, brownies— an uncomplicated display of sugar […]

peeps funfetti dip

Peeps Funfetti Dip

This Peeps Funfetti Dip is the perfect Easter treat! It requires minimal ingredients, tastes like cake batter, and makes a great kid-friendly dessert! This Peeps Funfetti Cake batter dip is so fun […]

raspberry tartlets

Raspberry Tartlets

These raspberry tartlets are a delightful and sweet pastry treat with a buttery crust filled with a luscious and tangy raspberry filling. If you’re looking for the perfect treat, this […]

pumpkin pie

No Bake Pumpkin Pie

This no bake pumpkin pie recipe is only 5 ingredients, and it comes together in 5 minutes! It’s an easy and delicious dessert! Looking for the perfect fall recipe? This […]