13 Cider Recipes to Crave this Fall!

If you love apple cider, here are a few new cider recipes to try this fall! From slow cooker apple cider to spiked apple cider cocktails, there’s something for everyone!

  1. For a classic recipe for Homemade Hot Apple Cider look no further than here!
  2. Looking for an easy recipe for apple cider this fall? Well if you own a crock-pot this is the recipe for you! Check out this recipe for Easy Crockpot-made Apple Cider! Yum!
  3. If you want a swanky-modern recipe for a new take on this old favorite, this recipe for a Honey Crisp Apple Mocktail will be right up your alley!
  4. Another fall favorite drink that comes to mind in this season is anything Chai, so what could be better than a Chai Apple Cider? Check out this recipe so you can bring this drink to life this holiday season with this Easy Chai Hot Cider recipe.
  5. If you have a slow -cooker, this is the drink for you. If you love cranberry and cinnamon then you’ll love this Slow Cooker Cranberry Apple Cider with Cinnamon at your next get-together!
  6. Egg-nog, a holiday sensation that hits the shelves this time of year. If you love some nog and cider than you’ll love this recipe for Hot Cider Nog! Give it a try!
  7. Do you like classic cider and need an easy way to make a fall drink? Check out this recipe for easy-made Slow Cooker Hot Apple Cider!
  8. Need a Halloween treat? This recipe for Warm Spiced Cider Halloween Brew is perfect for any spooky occasion. Whether you’re handing it out to kids trick or treating or making it for a Halloween party, its sure to be a favorite this creepy season.
  9. An easy stove top recipe for something sweet, try out this Stovetop Spiced Apple Cider!
  10. What sounds better than Crock Pot Cranberry Cider! Check out this easy recipe for your fall parties!
  11. Spice up your parties this season by impressing your guests with something a little more fancy, the creme de la creme, a recipe for Sparkling Caramel Apple Cider!
  12. Do you need an adult fall drink to impress your friends? Check out this spiced cider sangria; it’s your choice if you want to make this drink naughty or nice this holiday season.
  13. Mulled Apple Cider, an absolute favorite. If you’re looking for a recipe to peak your interest look no further!

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